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<br/>White-Collar Crimes

From money laundering to insurance fraud, we offer defense for any type of white-collar crime.

<br/>Civil Health Care Fraud

Call us if you’ve been accused of health care fraud, such as falsifying information or faking an accident to receive care.

<br/>Grand Jury Investigations

If you’re being investigated by a grand jury, you need to get in touch with a grand jury investigation lawyer right away.

<br/>Federal Crimes

We offer defense for a wide range of federal crimes, including tax evasion, and drug crimes.

Is Your Reputation at Risk After a Criminal Offense?

Partner with an experienced trial lawyer in El Paso, TX

When you’re charged with a crime, it can turn your life upside down. Your best move is to hire an experienced trial lawyer to protect your name. Law Office of Mary Stillinger is a family-owned practice that’s board certified in criminal defense. Our office handles federal and misdemeanor cases at the state and federal level in El Paso, TX.

Our practice is particularly experienced in federal work, and we have 30 years of trial experience. We’re also bilingual, so call 915-775-0705 today to talk with us about your legal situation.

Comprehensive criminal defense services

Navigating the legal landscape after a criminal offense can be overwhelming. A criminal defense attorney will investigate and research your case to build a strong defense. You can call us when you need:

White-collar crime defense | Civil health care fraud defense | Grand jury investigation defense | Federal crime defense

The last thing you want to do is enter the courtroom unprepared. When you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer in El Paso, TX, contact Law Office of Mary Stillinger right away.

We’re not afraid of complex cases

White-collar crimes and grand jury investigations can be particularly complicated. If you’re charged with a federal crime, you need an experienced trial lawyer in your corner. Our practice works hard to stand up for your reputation and your rights.

To partner with a diligent criminal defense lawyer in El Paso, TX, get in touch with Law Office of Mary Stillinger as soon as possible.

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